M2 Modular Panels

The M2 building panels are versatile, sturdy and cost effective, offering a complete range of building elements: loadbearing walls, floors, roofing, stairs, partitions and curtain walls.

Buildings can be entirely constructed with the same building system, optimising different supply and timing phases as well as work force availability

The M2 Basic Panel

The basic element of the M2 building system is a modular non prefabricated panel, made up of two electro-welded steel wire meshes, linked to each other by connectors, sandwiching a polystyrene foam slab suitable shaped.
Produced on an industrial scale the panel is then assembled and cast-in place using shotcrete.

M2 Modular Panel
Single Panel

Single Panel

Double Panel

Double Panel

Stair panel

Stair Panel

Landing Panel

Landing Panel

Floor Panel

Floor Panel

Builder Benefits



Installation Speed

Fast Installation

Easy Handling

Easy Handling

Cost effectiveness

Cost Effective


Highly Compatible

Array of Finishes

Wide Array of Finishes

User Benefits

Blast resistance

Blast Resistant

Load resistant

Load Resistant

Fire resistance

Fire Resistant

Earthquake resistant

Earthquake Resistant

Cyclone resistance

Cyclone Resistant

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Advantages and tests of the M2 System